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Problem solved

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They say good things come to those who wait.. I have solved the XM antenna problem.. For christmas I got a XM2go MyFi portable radio. This has got to be the neatest gadget to come out in a long time. The radio is slightly larger than a cell phone, has a buit in antenna (although in the accessary kit they give you 2 different types)..1 is a very small like the roady that could be mounted on the outside, but it works well on the dash, however with top down none needed. The other can be cliped onto your clothing for better reception. It has rechargeable batterys, you can download up to 5 hours of XM to be played back any time. What is slicker than eel snot is the built in wireless FM transmitter, this can transmit to any FM radio speaker system, vehicle, boat, home or portable. At $349 it is a bargain. :party :party
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