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LEAKING AGAIN :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead
I have had mine replaced 3x and now need to go for a 4th!!
first time was the weekend I drove the car home for the first time
third time was three weeks ago with the "newly designed model"

I don't understand this!! It's a reservoir! A container, nothing more!!
I have an oil can, been sitting on my work bench for 10 leaks
My grandfather gave it to me, sat on his work bench some 50 years...not a drop!
(oiled a lot of bicycle chains!) this is not rocket science!! WTF???

My driveway looks like :puke from my 80k automobile!!!

Anyone else going through these disposable reservoirs???

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On the reservoir, can you identify where is the leak coming from?

Is it a fitting where the hose or tubing connects to the reservoir? Is it a crack in the housing? Is it a seal? Is it just overfilled?

What? Before taking it back to the dealer a fourth time, I would try to identify the source of the leak, so you have some ammo.

I know in the age of "plug and play", we all expect things to just work. Especially on these expensive XLRs. But when problems recurr, it can't hurt to "noodle" them a little (engineering lexicon :) ).

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that's what's so redicilous about it....they know exactly what the problem is!

it is actually a POS two piece PLASTIC box, one side pannel is glued
(plastic welded) to the other two sides and top/bottom, and this faulty seam begins to leak. (Read some of my previous posts on this issue if interested)
I had to wait 3 weeks for my first one to come in, in the meantime I siliconed
over the seam myself.

Is it a combination of bad seam, chemical reacation, engine heat???
So what!! it can't be that hard to figure out!
I just don't understand, they have identified the problem, it seems to be a fairly widespread problem, it's got to be an easy fix.........FIX IT!!!!

I could take Grandpas oil can, tap a few hose bibs in the bottom,
duct tape it to the fender well and call it a day!! :rolleyes
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