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And then you can just slip them in that V that's waiting for you in the near future. That plate should be in tomorrow or Thursday. BTW, I ordered the wrong color mats and because they are made to order, I couldn't return them. Instead of shale, I ordered a light tan, but they did send me the black ones with no shipping cost.
upstate said:
Looks great. I'm going to order an XLR set for mine.

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Hi Bob,
see, what did I told you, these black mats look great.
Only you should have made a picture like the one you`ve sended me where you can see some of the upper black trim and the dark wood - that makes these black mats come out like they are - great!
Bob, with the switch in the console for the baffles, you are crazy - I like crazy guys!


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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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