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Photo contest anyone?

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As a way to rejuvenate the forum, I propose we host a photo contest of our XLRs. Since we will never all be able to get together and take photos, we can have a virtual "XLR Concorus d Elegance" right here on the forum.

I've been looking at photos here since June 2004, and my vote for the best photo is still mswaim's crimson pearl XLR at Pebble Beach. Followed closely by 1_XLR's "interpretation" of the same photo. Heh! Heh! :glol

The purpose of this thread is to gauge the interest of all of you in having such a virtual event, and propose a few rules.

1) I suggest that we receive entries until October 15, 2005
2) All entries get posted on a single thread "reserved" for the contest.
3) All photos must be of XLRs
4) No nekkid people - the forum won't allow it anyway
5) The poster must be a member of the forum and take the photo him/her self (honor system)
6) Winner will be decided by poll of the membership
7) Grand Prize: Winner receives the devoted adulation of the other members of the forum

Feel free to suggest other rules.

OK....Who is in? I think we need at least 10 entries. C'mon. You can do it.
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photo contest

You can also count me in. My I also suggest you put a limit on the number of pictures you receive from each of us. You could be swamped with thousands!! Tim.
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