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Personized License Plates

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Personalized License Plates

I don't know how it works in other states, but in California you can order personalized/vanity license plates without having the car. All you XLR people out there might want to be the first to grab some of the better plate possibilities!
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What would your tag say

Let's have some suggestions . Using only 8 letters or numbers what would your vanity plate say.:party
California allows only 7 characters.

On our first attempt we reserved MYNMXLR but decided XLR XTC was much better and reserved it. I think XLR8 is also clever but two was enough.
Vanity Plate

Have not yet received the plate but have confirmation that we will get "OUR XLR" here in FL. The space will be filled with a golfer.
Now I hadn't thought of that. I like it.

More please!
Have ordered a vanity tag for ours; XLR8 HER (Florida)

It is her car after all...
Mine is simple and it's on my car now. Everyone calls me Jay so it reads JAYSXLR.
I have a second home in California on the beach in Crystal Cove. My plate (with a whale tail background) is CCCOAST.

As an FYI, I have a Daimler Chrysler electric car in the garage there with the plate GOTPLUG.

You missed a great get together last week that was almost in your back yard. I live in Studio City as well and will keep my eyes out for you. I'll be in a black one with license plate JAYSXLR.

Only six characters allowed in Texas


How about XLR AV8R?

Great thread!
I grabbed XLR XTC the day after my wife grabbed MYNMXLR... (NM=Neiman Marcus). We decided mine was better and that was that. But I do like XLR AV8R. Taking flying lessons was not in the mindset at the time. This was more than 2 years ago.
i made it on friday, must have had a 50 people look at our cars -- the general impression is that CAD finally did something right! -- will keep my eyes open for your car and give you a flash!

In New York with just my three initials.
New Mexico, U.S.A., it is 7. Well, Jim's reads XLR and mine reads JELCTS. I always wanted a plate that no one could figure out and I have it! It has absolutely nothing to do with any car! On my Prowler I have PRWLER and on my Auburn I have HAZ#BEN, on Jim's '54 it says 54CADDY on his '50 Dodge, Coronet taxi it reads TAXI nnd on my '55 it says 55CADDY, The only non prestiege? plates are on the '66 Cadillac and on the Escalade ESV. I could have put 157/250 on my new one, but then people would be able to figure it out. :glol :glol :glol :glol :glol :glol
custom plates

look at this for all merc benz sl class owners im killing them when i come up to them.
(SL WHO) is my plate and they hate me for that but i think xlr is a sexyer car than the sl benz my cusin has a 2004 sl 500 class and when we go out for a cruise 9 out of 10 people think the xlr looks better.
The SL WHO plate made my day. Thanks for the chuckle! :thumbs :glol
How did my 04 get to Florida.
Bob in California:cheers

2xlrs said:
in florida we have
bobs xlr
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