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Performance mode

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06-V ONLY I have no idea how many of you V owners have found out about this, but the word "performance" is not used in connection with the staabilitrak or Traction Control in the owners manual.

What I found out, just by accident.
Tap the TC button on the console. For each time you tap it you will get the following, not necessarily in this order. This doesn't work on the 04. You guys with the 05's and 06's will have to try the tap method on your own and report.

Performance mode (with this setting, move the shifter to the left into the gate, but do not use the + and -. You have one hot Tamale in this setting.)
This is how I have been driving my V and this is why I really think this car is hotter than most company's that have had it on a track. Check it out and let me know.
Stabilitrak off
Stabilitrak ON
TC Off
As most of you already know, you can still hold the button down for 5 seconds and TC/Stabilitrak is off, but this performance mode is a lot better.
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XLR I FL said:

Well I will tell you that if you aren't doing at least 90 on I-95 and on I-75 you will be RUN OVER unless you are in the slow lane.

after reading what I`ve wrote I found something wasn`t right. Here I want correct it:
I left at 5 am not 6.30 and got there at 4 pm. I took a look at my calendar of 98 and it was Aug.23 (a sunday)

I just want get this right:yesnod



What you are trying to say is YOU WERE FLYING without leaving the ground.

I understood all along. If you will tell me how to convert KM's to Mph you are forgiven.

I am having LOTS of fun with your note regarding the S 500 Mercedes race with my Buddies who own 500SL's. They aren't too happy.



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