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I purchased our XLR (2007) last July 2022.
i have no desire to work on it and wondered if it’s necessary to take it to a Cadillac Dealership for Service?
If I understand looking at Carfax the dealerships register all service whereas the corner mechanic doesn’t?
Does this difference cause a loss in resale?
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A record of maintenance is a good thing to have and it does not have to be done at a dealership. Sometimes their repairs show up and sometimes they dont. Many times their suggestion for repairs may show up which could cost you a ton on resale if the dealer is just looking to upsale you on items. If you cannot do work on the car, this is not the car for you unless money is no object. Dealers at 150 an hour to try and figure it out then tell you you need parts they cannot get will add up fast.
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In Colorado the price per hour for working on Cadillacs is $190 per hour. Parts are very hard to find. I have
a maintenance list with receipts and all the work I have completed. I do this to all my cars.
Carfax is just as good as a human that inputs data to it.
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