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My take on this

Well if the Hummer H2 sales were any indication I would finance though a private bank like a Credit Union and buy it. The lease and finance rates for the H2 were outrageous and still are. Any limited production vehicle with as much interest as the H2 will drive rates to a premium through dealer finance departments.:grouphug

As for the resale value it is very hard to say. I'm thinking GM plans to expand production to tailor customer demand for next year. So I guess we'll wait and see. If the production numbers stay down resale value will remain great. But if they double production watch out.

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Read today in the WSJ that the H2 was lowest in overall quality by JD Power and Assoc. That doesn't say to much about new model quality... could the XLR be next? Though it was reassuring to see Caddy in 2nd, even if behind Lexus.:flag
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