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Paintjob problems

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Dear XLR drivers

I got yesterday the information, that my new XLR is ready to pick up by my dealer. BUT in the last moment they found some paint job irregularities on the motorhood. They told me, that they have to repaint this part. (!!! its a brand new car !!!).

Has anybody else have problems like that - is that ok, if they do that?

Any longterm probs to expect in future?

I am glad to hear your feedback, opinions and experiences.

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there are 2 threads on this subject you should see.
one titled Paint Problem in the Techinical Discussion
and another titled Painting the Grill in the General Discussion.
This was my car thet turned out to be a Sag or run in the clear coat
and not in the paint itself. they were able to buff it out without
breaking the paint surface or repainting. A very happy ending.
I don't know what "irregularities" you're refering to,
but something to consider
Good luck
I Have A 2005 Black Raven And The Paint Is Cracking All Over The Front Fenders And Doors. The Fenders Are Also Warped When In The Sun! The Paint Is A National Problem I Understand With The Black Raven
So far my crimson pearl finish is perfect. I don't do anything special with it and it sits out quite a bit, unfortunately. I used to cover it, but I noticed the cover was beginning to scratch the leading edges of the three brake light housings. I wash it, put on a quick coat of Cherry Wet Wax and dust it dailt with my duster before leaving the garage.
Xenon Blue

No problems with Xenon Blue save a little "orange peel" here and there.
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