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Paint Problem

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Also concerning paint, My car has a large flaw on the
LR quarter pannel. about 18" ripple across the upper edge.
Because of the composite and the factory paint process,
Should I expect it to be replaced or repainted??

can anyone give me some insight on this?
I have been to 2 dealers and they intend to repaint the pannel.
I'm afraid it will not match properly and feel the pannel should
be replaced with a factory painted pannel.

this issue was noted at the time of delivery, and I expected they would fix it PROPERLY
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Obviously, you want to avoid disturbing the factory finish, but if this blemish is noticable I wouldn't hesitate to have your dealer refinish the panel. I assume this dealer has state of the art facilities and highly qualified people. With the right equipment, products, and techniques, paint repairs can be virtually undetectable. On the other hand, in the hands of the wrong people, it can have disasterous results. Do not, however, insist that they replace the composite body panel because of paint problems. It would be a major job, very intrusive and unecessary.
Painting is routine, replacing composite body panels in not.

I am very surprised that this flaw got through the final inspection process and I feel your pain.

I also agree with carguy1 that a panel removal at this early stage in the game is an extreme action to take.

I would suggest that you get your dealer's service mgr., Zone Sales Rep. and Zone Service Rep in the same room to find the best solution.

It's time to make sure you get all the information from all the sources before doing anything.

Paint Update

The body shop was able to color sand and remove 90% The ripple or "sag" as they called it, without breaking the paint
surface. Great news since it did not require painting, and it's
not noticable unless I really study it, knowing where to look.

Interestingly, Before they worked on it, the service manager noticed wax residue left under the corner of the tail light
....I never waxed my car.
It was impossible that Factory QC had not seen this,
but more disappointing that they evidently tried to fix it,
and then let it go in that condition.:nono

Thanks for the previous input on this, Problem Solved.

(sorry for the double post)
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Congratulations for a very happy, very happy ending!

Now you can really have some heavy duty happy motoring!

Best Wishes Always for XLR Motoring,


:cheers :party :thumbs :smash :seeya :flag
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