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Paint & Headight Protection

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Those ever present road stones.

I've read other threads talking about owners receiving damage to the lower grill due to road stones and debris. However in this thread, I'm mostly concerned about paint and Headlight damage.

I've heard about a product manufactured by 3M which is a thin clear adhesive poly that is installed as a covering for "high risk" surfaces. Apparently it is resilient and prevents damage to painted surfaces, and headlights. It's like a clear "bra".

It is marketed under several brandnames, but the one I've heard mostly about in my locale is Invisishield. Inof at -

Have any of you ever used this product? I'm mostly concerned with yellowing and adherence. Also does it damage the painted surface over time? :confused

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I posted on this item about april of this year after I installed it on my XLR. I have installed it on my SSR, my 98 pace car and my Honda Hybird. I have had excellant results with it. no rock chips in over 25,000 miles on three cars. I have driven down into mexico over back roads, over the mountains and behind trucks. I just completed a 12,000 trip around the states in my XLR and no chips. great stuff. I went to a three day school in San Antonio last sept. to learn how to install the X-pel. it is quite difficult on some cars. I would advise to get it done by some one who has done it a few times. Xpel does not have it in the computer yet, therefore it has to be made by hand and should have a paper pattern made first. Most installers will try to rape you because you have a high dollar car. there is a guy in clarksburg WV who can do an excellant job for about $300.00. I have it on the front bumper which is the most difficult, headlights, fog lights, front part of hood and the radar platics cover. also on the wheel wells and the back of the rear view mirrors. it is well worth the price. takes about four hours to complete.......
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