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Paint & Headight Protection

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Those ever present road stones.

I've read other threads talking about owners receiving damage to the lower grill due to road stones and debris. However in this thread, I'm mostly concerned about paint and Headlight damage.

I've heard about a product manufactured by 3M which is a thin clear adhesive poly that is installed as a covering for "high risk" surfaces. Apparently it is resilient and prevents damage to painted surfaces, and headlights. It's like a clear "bra".

It is marketed under several brandnames, but the one I've heard mostly about in my locale is Invisishield. Inof at -

Have any of you ever used this product? I'm mostly concerned with yellowing and adherence. Also does it damage the painted surface over time? :confused

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Someone posted a message about this some time back. It soudned as if he put it on the entire hood. The comment was you could not tell it was there, unless you looked hard or comparted the reflection to another part of the body.

I do not recall what the title of the thread was, sorry.
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