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Owners - please list pros and cons

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XLR Owners - please post your pros and cons so far and what you traded in for your XLR and what you paid (sticker, more, less etc)
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Hey people, this seems like a really good topic for discussion. But I see 38 people have read it and no one giving any feedback. I also posted sort of a similar request last week; lots of viewing but no responses. So I would just encourage those owners who have a car to give the rest of us some constructive feedback, good and bad. For those of us in the process of ordering a car, or considering it, feedback regarding pricing/lead time/fit and finish/colours/roominess etc etc are really very appreciated.
Thanks very much.
Traded in a '93 Allante. I keep cars I like for a long time. No comparison though. Th eperformance is superb and nothing like being able to "drop the top" automatically.:seeya
My 2 cents:

It rides better than my 99 MBZ SL500 (which I am selling) and way better than the 03 MBZ SL500 I test drove.

It's the coolest car out there. I get head turns everywhere I go. I especially like it when Porche drivers can't keep their eyes off of it. And Harley Davison riders always give me a thumbs up!:thumbs

...and I look so good driving it!

It handles incredibly well considering the ride. You'd think a nice-riding car would not take turns well, but it does.

My Cadillac dealer treats me better than my MBZ dealer ever did.

The new XLR costs less to insure than my 99 SL500, figure that out!

It's confortable to sit in.

The negative... storage, especially with the top down. But I can live with it, especially considering all of the above.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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