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Overheating Center Console

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I have an XLR purchased 07/25/04 with 2500 miles on it. I took it on my first long trip 500 miles through the desert and my center console heated up above
140 degrees. That is how high I have recorded since. It burned my leg and melted a credit card in the armrest. Has anyone else had this sort of problem. I have told the dealer this temp is unacceptable.
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Glad to see you joined the forum

I met you today at Massey and I'm glad you joined so other xlr owners are aware that such a problem currently exists with newer xlrs. Unfortunately, I've had several issues with my xlr that seems to be common with alot of the xlr owners in this forum. I had a long discussion with their management today and I was told they will file a formal bulletin to address these issues! Massey Cadillac has so far provided me with great service and I would anticipate it will continue to even get better as I keep showing up to their service center for new repairs!! I love my xlr when it 's running properly and I feel that it possibly could be the best car in its class but they need to stay committed to the owners that took a leap of faith in becoming early adopters to this newly designed and engineered roadster. I'm in a demographic they 've been marketing to and I'm starting to think I made a mistake. I hope they listen and support this car until all reocurring issues are resolve i.e. top malfunction, brake squeal, etc...
Good luck and welcome to the forum! I'm sure you will find this to be a useful resource as an xlr owner!
migsgig :cool
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That area gets very hot in my case also. My wife left a lipstick in there - no reason to explain further................

On the bright side, I'm looking forward to its ability to keep my Venti White Chocolate Mocha toasty warm this winter!!!

I believe others here have also voiced their concerns about the heat build-up in the console area.
I drove in 103 degrees of heat this past summer down in texas and new mexico and I didn't have any excess heat in the center console. I wouldn't think it is a normal thing to have a hot console. I put mine up on a my lift and I couldn't see any way for excessive heat to get into the console from the engine or the exhaust. hope you guys find out why? :banghead
Center Console

My wife and I took 1600 mile, most of which was in the desert of Califonia,Arizona and New Mexico and back to Southern California. I did notice that the Console got warm. But not warm or hot enough burn ones leg. And yes it being warm does concern me.

Maybe we XLR folks that are in Southern California should pick a dealer. And all of us show up at the same time for warrenty work. It would be interesting to see how the dealer would handle Say 10 to 15 XLR's sittin in his service drive. It would be one way to drive a point home that there are problems that need to be resolved with the XLR. Robin in Diamond Bar
I took my center console lid off that covers the shifter and has the drink holders in it for two resons.
#1 to run some wires for my Escort SRX radar detector I installed.
#2 to see if I could insulate around the drink holders. If you put a coke in one of the holders it will be HOT in about 30 min. if you are driving around.

There is a little insulation on both sides of the console but there is NO room to add any around the top or under drink holders or any where else I could find. I did not remove the arm rest or its compartment but I am sure it's going to be the same.
There is only about 5/16" between the bottom of drink holder and the metal that covers the drive shaft. I was thinking of foaming it in some but there just is not room. GM would have to raise the console or lower the drive shaft housing both of which can't be done very easy. I now just put a foam coozie around my coke. It will now last about 45 min.

Blaise :flag
Ditto here

Driving on a 97 degree day recently, we noticed the "tunnel" was pretty warm. No leg burning, credit card or lipstick melting though. :confused
Same as Corvette

I have also noted that the console and tunnel get warm. But, it is about the same as in my former car - 1991 Corvette.

I always just thought it was the transmission and seemed normal. Never melted anything or got hot enough to burn on either car.
Have mine for about a week. It's currently 102F in Hollywood, CA. I've got the AC at full blast, the center console is warm but not hot. Had the same problem with the coke though, but mine was a pepsi. :D
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