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Joining our XLR in the stable is a new AWD Escalade, white diamond

I have the same stable. Plus I have Mercedes S600. So I am still a WILLING hostage. I got to give Cadillac a LOT of credit. They stole me from an SL and an ML. 2 of my 3 votes got cast for Cadillac. Price was just a bonus.

What I don't quite understand......Why do I drive the Escalade more than both the others combined? And it is the least expensive cost wise and the most expensive gas wise. Go figure!! Maybe I should be at the Escalade forum lol.

Since June 2003

I have driven the Escalade a total of 12,500 miles
I have driven the s600 a total of 6500 miles
I have driven the XLR a total of 2000 miles

What I know is the Escalade is great for a long journey or 4 people.
The Mercedes is great for a night out or a business engagement.
The XLR is great for a ride on the beach and to snap some necks along the way.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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