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I think it's time for a new thread guys. Tired of "Teenager Car" and "Brake Squeal".

I just wanted to let you guys know, I got de-horsed today. The Mercedes ML-500 is no more. Gone. Zip. Nello. Nada.

Joining our XLR in the stable is a new AWD Escalade, white diamond, dubs, movie, all the bells and whistles. While I can't say we now have an all Caddy garage, (there's still a Jeep Wrangler Sahara, and a bright yellow Nissan Crew Cab pick-um up in there), I made this decision for a few good reasons:

Cadillac's service has just been exemplary. JD Powers has rated Cadillac's customer satisfaction #2 behind Lexus. The comfort and quality of Cadillac's products is amazing. The price is very good as compared to european cars, and the performance (and sytling) is better than the Japanese/Asian cars.

And I was tired of being beat up by the Mercedes.

So if any of you "visitors" out there are having doubts about a Cadillac purchase becasue of all the little technical glitches and/or problems we discuss here...
well don't. :D
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That's a nice stable for sure. I bet the insurance man just loves you... :jester
Now I know why you are thinking of moving.. You don't need a bigger house just one with a five car garage. Four to park in and one to work out of.... :rolleyes

Joining our XLR in the stable is a new AWD Escalade, white diamond

I have the same stable. Plus I have Mercedes S600. So I am still a WILLING hostage. I got to give Cadillac a LOT of credit. They stole me from an SL and an ML. 2 of my 3 votes got cast for Cadillac. Price was just a bonus.

What I don't quite understand......Why do I drive the Escalade more than both the others combined? And it is the least expensive cost wise and the most expensive gas wise. Go figure!! Maybe I should be at the Escalade forum lol.

Since June 2003

I have driven the Escalade a total of 12,500 miles
I have driven the s600 a total of 6500 miles
I have driven the XLR a total of 2000 miles

What I know is the Escalade is great for a long journey or 4 people.
The Mercedes is great for a night out or a business engagement.
The XLR is great for a ride on the beach and to snap some necks along the way.

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It's funny you say that. I have an XLR, Esclade, Jag XJR, Hummer H2, and Harley Fat Boy and the new STS All Wheel drive on order.

I drive the esclade all week long, the XLR on nice days with the top down, XJR usually on a Saturday night and the Hummer in the winter.

You hear a lot of nasty things said about SUV's from the enviromentalists and a lot of people like to rip on American made cars. But, when you look at people who can afford to drive anything they want (your rock stars, proffessional athletes, etc) most on in something from GM. Look at the popularity of the Discovery Channel shows dealing with car make-overs and customizations. While there have been a few forgien cars (mostly the very high end exotics) they are mainly dealing with GM products. After all, when was the last time you went to a car show to see a restored Camery!
Cadillac's owner loyalty

Six months ago the primary steeds in the stable were the ML-500 SUV and a BMW 330i convertible.

When we bought the XLR, I was so incredibly impressed with the ride and the service. Once when the XLR was in for service, the dealer gave me an Escalade ESV loaner. That did it. I had to have one.

And motorboat. You're right. The house I'm preparing an offer on has a five-car garage, and (you'll be happy to note) a two-slip boathouse. Of course it is only a ten minute drive to Lone Star Airpark (formerly Montgomery County Airport). Insurance is still less than when I had two teenagers on my policy.

Webfather, regarding the "uses" for your rides: I found my Mercedes, (much more modest than your S600) pisses off my customers. They think they are paying me too much! :banghead Moi? Surely not! :angel

A man has to have a sense of priority..... :yesnod

You guys are inspiring me. :D

And Rick, regarding the environmentalists: when do they EVER say anything that isn't nasty? Most of the loudest ones have private jets. :glol :glol :glol
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Not showing off?

So, Aviator, your clients think the MB is showing off too much but not the XLR?

I'm scared to let my employees see the XLR, for fear they'll ask for raises!

My stable is limited by the 2 car garage and L shaped driveway to 3 vehicles (3 car garages in lower Westchester, NY; 45 min from Manhattan or less, run 2.5 to 3million). My financial guru tells me that it'll be 2-5 years until I get to that level, depending on the market, business, etc.

Suburban LT, Jeep Liberty Ltd, & XLR sum it up for my house--no more room for the Ford GT that I want next!
I am fortunate in that a year ago I completed the construction of my version of a dream house. The main house has a 3 car garge but it is big enough for 4. I also have a pool house which has an addition 3 car garge located under it.

I rarely drive anything other than my Esclade to work because I also don't want my employees to see the others. I don't want them thinking I am showing off. Sometimes it gives them the feeling that they are working hard just to increase the boss's car budget. That's not the case, but sometimes appearences are everything.
Dadonator said:
So, Aviator, your clients think the MB is showing off too much but not the XLR?
The XLR is my wife's car. It is only driven on the weekend, so clients don't even know of its existence. But I admit, car selection is a fine line that has to be toed. An S600 is too much however, :nono and not from a price perspective - its more an image thing.

So-o-o! Thanks for sharing your stables. Its good to know what everyone else is driving. :thumbs Lotsa cool rides...

Dadonator, I feel your pain about NY real estate prices. :cry Houston is the champion real estate bargain in the whole country. (And don't think its because no one wants to come here. We are growing way too fast for my liking.) Our family in La Jolla, Calif face the same problem that you have - not enough house for the money.

It sounds as if most of us are entrepeneuers...
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