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Optimal Width for Custom Rims

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Hello everybody,

I am currently in the process of ordering aftermarket rims for my XLR. I have decided to go for 19s (I felt that 20s might look a little too big).

Anyway, it looks like it's going to be 19x8.5 at the front with 255/40-19 tires and 19x10 at the rear with 295/35-19.

Before ordering, I just wanted to have opinions on the sizes (especially width)... especially from all of you who already went for 19s and 20s... Is 10 inches too wide at the back?


PS: Don't worry, I will post photos of the new rims as soon as I get them on...
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with my 20" wheels ....9.5 width with 275 was the max I could go.
Don't know if your 19" will allow any more, but I wouldn't think so.
Plenty of room on the fronts.
harrysxlr said:
Hi 1 XLR, as I said, 275 on the rear is about maximum. Do you get same noise when turn your steering wheel all way laft or right?
what kind of noise? from the rear?
Depends how hard I hit the gas!;)
harrysxlr said:
What I mean is, when you got your steering wheel all way to the left or right side does the tire touch somewhere the inner-fender? (sure the front tires)
Hard to explain, forgive me I`m a german!
No. I have 8.5" with 255 up front and there's plenty of room.

There's limited room on the rears because the trunk had to be extra wide to recieve the top
mahme said:

do the 20x9.5 Rims fit within the arch perfectly? (In Monaco, regulation require that the wheel not come out of the raches (i.e. old Jeep Wranglers, Monster Trucks...)... So I just want to come sure that the 9.5 will not make the wheel com eout of the arch (even slightly)

mine do not. mine are slightly outside of the fender (raches) at normal stance, but tuck inside the fender when compressed. However a different 9.5 wheel could have a slightly different off-set and be flush with the fender and still have enough room in the back, so I wouldn't want to say no 9.5 will work for you. Other members with 9.5s my be able to address. You're pushing the max limits so it's very close either way.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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