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One month of ownership--Impressions

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We have had the XLR 1 month and have been pleased. I was ready to buy a new 06 until I started looking at 1st yr depreciation and decided I would let someone else take that hit. I found a very low mile 05 that a guy traded on a Bentley and i saved about $22,000. My only other Caddy was an STS which I liked quite a bit. I have had C5 and C6 Vettes and 3 Vipers, currently a new SRT. My initial impressions of the XLR are as follows:

1. Great styling and almost the headturner the Viper is ( and more so than the Vettes) There is something to be said for low production

2. Very nice fit/finish --better than Vette by a long shot.

3. The interior is nice but certainly not plush considering this is Caddy's marquee car. I saw an STS-V in the showroom today and thought the exterior was stunning and the interior looked like junk. Why can't Caddy do better interiors?? People should not have to look on eBay for ways to improve on the wood interior.

4.Creature features are outstanding and easy to use--this is where the American cars excel over the Japanese--it is a quest to figure out how to turn the heat on in our 05 Honda minivan.

5. Performance is adequete but certainly not neck jerking. The car feels sloppy through the first couple of gears but really comes to life thereafter.

6. Stereo---just like my C6 decent but one expects more at this level.

Overall--I would buy this car again in a heartbeat. It is my wife's toy but I have logged more miles. I was looking at a used Z8 and am so glad I got the XLR. I would take it any day over a 500SL which is very nice but in my opinion boring by comparison.
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