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I just bought my XLR and I am very proud of it. I also have a replica of a 1937 Jaguar SS-100, which has been my pride and joy (and moneypit) for 25 years. Last year I ran across a website,, where they offered for sale oil paintings on canvas of numerous cars. At just under $200 for a 23" X 31" it seemed too good to be true. I ordered it and was amazed! It arrived in a few weeks (painted in the South Seas somewhere) and it was gorgeous! It was perfect in symmetry and beautifully done. Today I checked their website, and they have a very nice picture of an XLR also. It happens to be in the color of my car (Satin nickel) so I ordered it. I am sure they will change the color to suit the buyer, since they personalized the front license plate on my jag.

This is not an ad, just a tip for anyone who is living their dream with this beautiful car. By the way, the 37 Jag picture on the website is my car.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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