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October 2003 XLR Production Number

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The estimates are now showing XLRs rolling off the assembly line at a remarkable 68 units for the first full week of October. The estimated total number of production level XLRs (including Neiman Marcus editions) is now 496 XLRs.

This translates to about a production level of 350 XLRs a month.
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Given these production numbers, what should we expect for the total of 2004 XLRs produced before they start producing 2005s? I've heard both 2000 and 3000 for 2004.
I thought I had heard between 5K and 6K for the '04 model year. I'll have to go back and look at press releases to see if I can find something more substantiated than my memory.

Has anyone talked about VIN number order? I am now told that my car, VIN # 400 will be delivered sometime this week. However, I was told the first time that it would be August 10th. I wonder if anyone really knows. But who cares, it will get here when it gets here.

Dick Shonk :seeya
A few VINs have been posted on ebay. One for a Black XLR was:
1G6YV34A845600365. According to the ad, that one was due to arrive 10/5. My speculation is that if you assume 70 XLRs a week, then you should get an idea of where you are in the queue.

Again, just my speculation...

The other interesting thing I saw in the newspaper this weekend was an ad for a N.M. XLR in the classified section. The owner wanted $104K. It was just surprising to see an XLR classified ad.
I think you'll start to see them more often -- as soon as deliveries start. As long as they are scarce and someone thinks they can make a few bucks...
Production Numbers

alk3997 said:
I thought I had heard between 5K and 6K for the '04 model year. I'll have to go back and look at press releases to see if I can find something more substantiated than my memory.
If you used the original production numbers of 5000 units based on original production start up of late april and subtract Canadian & European sales you would have the closser number to 4000 us built units.
My understanding is that production of the 2004 XLR was limited to a set number. Either 3000 or 4000. Delays may lower that number, but it won't be exceeded.
The latest October numbers are in:

The estimated number of XLRs produced for the period between 10/13/03 and 10/18/03 is 85 XLRs. The latest estimate of October XLR production is 197 XLRs.

This brings the total estimated number of production-level 2004 XLRs to: 625 XLRs.
Any clue as to the number of each color produced, in addition to the 101 Ultra Violets.
Triple-Digit Weekly Production Numbers!

Believe it or not - The latest estimates for XLR production is 100 XLRs over the last week (10/20/03 - 10/25/03). This brings the total estimated number of XLRs produced in October 2003 to 307 units.

The total number of estimated production-level XLRs is now 735 XLRs!

Those trying to figure out when their XLR will arrive should now use 100 XLRs a week as a base figure. By my calculations, that also puts GM on track to produce around 1500 XLRs before the end of the year (excluding holidays).
The estimated XLR production numbers for October 2003 are in. In the last week of October, 99 XLRs were produced. The estimated total for October is 406 XLRs. This brings the estimated total production-level XLR count to 834 XLRs.

With no increase in production, Cadillac would have approximately 1500-1600 XLRs available by the end of the calendar year, based on the above production number estimates.
The October 2003 numbers have been updated (in the wrong direction). The revised estimate for October 2003 XLR production is 376 XLRs. The revised estimate for the total number of production-level XLRs at the end of October is 804 XLRs.
Just received the official numbers for XLR production. At the end of October 2003, a total of 326 "standard" XLRs had been produced since the start of production. This figure did not include the 101 Neiman Marcus edition XLRs. With the NM edition XLRs, the official total is 427 XLRs produced by the end of October.

I will update the November numbers to reflect this new base.

Note : Any XLRs were failed any quality inspections and were pulled off the assembly "line" and therefore not delivered are not included in these numbers.
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