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Now what 2 get xlr or xkr? (both three letters but only 1 will win lol)

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Ok the jaguar xkr coupe may have 1 of the biggest disadvaages in the classwhich it is it's absence of a retractable hard top but this car is most closely priced to the xlr and i think has great looks . As you may see im trying 2 narrow it down. Can you help?:thumbs
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If you really wanted the Jag, you would have bought one by now. Just food for thought...:flag
Hard to say, we don't know the charactoristics of the Caddy yet, but the XLR would be my pick as of now, just got that cool factor:yesnod
One piece of advice

The question you want an exclusive, limited edition, collector's item? Or do you just want an over priced, limited quality, overdressed Ford?:skep
xcalibur069 said:
:puke Jaguar
LOL...that is soooo hilarious!!!!:lol
The Jaguar has really hard seats :puke :banghead . I have an S-type and I am really glad that the lease is over. I didn't know they were that hard until I bought a Prowler, then the Corvette C5 was the next most comfortable seats until I got my XLR, the next most comfortable seats are our Jeep. The Jags are now being made by Ford, and show it.
Just my opinion. Jean
Jags are pretty but they break a lot and the front seats suck.
In 1999, we were going to buy the Jag. A friend of ours insisted we go across the street to the MBZ dealer and see what a few more $$ would buy in an SL.

We realized the error of our ways and bought an SL

A similar issue came up last year. Buy a new SL or an XLR.

Inversly, you get so much more for so much less on the XLR, it was a no brainer.
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