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November 2003 XLR Production Numbers

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The first estimated production levels for November 2003 have been released. For the week between 11/3/03 and 11/8/03, an estimated 83 XLRs were produced. With this estimate, the total number of production-level XLRs is now 510 XLRs.
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Does anyone know what kind of Thanksgiving break the factory takes. Since my allocation order goes in on Thursday 11/13 just wondering what kind of extra delay it will be...
Production Down

Production estimates show a drop in XLR production for the week between 11/10 and 11/15. Some of that is because only 5 days of production is reported instead of 6-7 days in previous reports.

In any event the total estimated production for last week is 65 XLRs. The new November totals stand at 150 XLRs. The total number of estimated production-level XLRs is now 575 XLRs.
My dealer just told me that the estimated total number of XLRs for the 2004 model year will be 1700.
The new figures show 241 production-level XLRs were completed in October 2003. So, if we use 250 as a base through the beginning of June 2004, then that would yield about 2200 XLRs for the '04 model year.

Sounds like your dealer has good sources if production does not increase significantly.
Just to clarify a bit more...

The production estimates previously posted appear to include cars that are removed from the production lines due to a number of reasons, including quality issues. The estimate also includes the Neiman Marcus cars.

The new actual production totals do not include the NM cars or ones that were not delivered (or planned to be delivered). Naturally this leads to a large drop between the production estimates and the actual production figures. I adjusted the actuals to include the NM XLRs.

What I've done is this thread is to use the actual numbers at the start of November. Then for each week in November I've updated the actuals with the estimates for that week. At the end of November I plan to update again with the actual values for November.

I'm told a reasonable estimate appears to be a production level of 20-25 XLRs for each workday.

In the end, there is probably at least four different answers to "How many XLRs have been produced?". Hope that helps to answer a few questions about these numbers.
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November 17th - November 22nd

The numbers for the week of November 17th through November 22nd are in. These again are estimates and appear to be slightly above reality when the final numbers appear.

For the last week, 84 XLRs were produced. This brings the November total to an estimated 236 XLRs.

Plugging that into our base number at the end of October, an estimated 661 production-level XLRs now exist. Putting that into perspective that is now an average of 13.2 XLRs / U.S. State. Good luck seeing one on the highway...:jester
November 24th - November 29th

In this shortened work week, the estimated XLR production figures for between November 24th and November 29th have already been released. These are again estimates and are likely higher than the actual numbers being shipped to dealers. Once actual figures are release I'll update this thread.

For the current week, 51 XLRs were produced. This brings the November 2003 total to an estimated 288 XLRs. Pluggin that into the October base number, there are now 713 production-level (including Neiman Marcus edition) XLRs in existence.

That's one shy of Babe Ruth's former home run record...

The people who provide the estimates also say that GM's Bowling Green, KY plant will be working overtime this week (and next).
Anybody knows how sales number have been so far? :D
My dealer has sold out his entire 2004 allocation of 27.
Wow that really sounds great i hope that is the same in the other states.....:D
Final November Numbers

The official numbers for November 2003 are in. Cadillac produced 262 XLRs in November. This does not include any XLRs that were removed from the production line or not sent to dealers due to issues/problems.

The total number of production-level XLRs through the end of November 2003 now stands at 689 XLRs, including Neiman Marcus edition cars. The 689 XLR figure will be the base used for the December 2003 estimates.

Extrapolating a bit...At this production rate, the total production for the 2004 model year will be about 2,500 XLRs.
The "final" or "official" numbers I'm using are from GM. The November numbers were just released today by GM.
Last i heard, they are expecting to produce 1700 production XLRs for 2004, a bit lower than your estimate above. I don't think the NM cars are in that, so make it 1800. The fewer the better in my book.
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