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Noise from heated seats?

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Does anyone else hear a noise from the rear of the drivers seat when the heated seat is activated? I have had other GM cars with heated seats and never heard any noise.

Please let me know if this is only my cars issue or every XLR?
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I hear the noise from both seats. When I turn them off it does stop. Noise is different from my 03 STS heated seats which make zero noise but then again donot offer cooling feature.
C below from a past poting awhile back>>

"the seats have a module which is basically a heat pump.
depending on the polarity to the module, it will either
create heat or absence of heat (coldness). a fan is used to
circulate the air through ducts. it takes a little time to
produce results. the module is efficient though, 100 watts,
- 7amps at 14 volts.."
My driver's seat fan akes significantly more noise than the passenger seat fan, so I plan on having it looked at when I finally bring the car in. It is added to my list of things.
Heated- Cooled Seats

I had a Lincoln Navigator, one of the earlier seats with the heat-cool feature and it made absolutely no noise.

Does not seems like a good implementation of the technology if all the XLR have audible noise.

I don't think all the XLR seats make noise. In our car, the driver's seat's fan is audible but the passenger seat is not. So when we bring it in, we'll have it looked at. By the way, we have a 2002 Navigator with the hot/cold seats. I'll never buy a car without A/C seats again!
I am amazed in that I have not experienced any of this. All accessories perform as expected for the date of delivery on my #25 NM XLR. I am very sorry that you are having difficulties.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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