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I got my Pin number it Ocoter of '02 for a NM XLR as my 25th Anniversary Gift to my wife. It arrived at my Cadillac dealer on 9/21/03 and we took delivery 0n 9/25 just 1 day short of 30 days post our 25th Anniversary.

As it turns out it was the first XLR delivered in our state and the only NM XLR that will delivered in our state.

We found the entire process from start to finish was a great experience as is and has been our XLR. This is in light of the last two new vehicles I have purchased for my wife were two '93 Allante's the first one was the first in our our state in May of '92. The second one was one that I took delivery of in Dec. of '92 and over a five year period I put 2,500 miles on it an then gave it to my wife who had 22,000 miles on hers.

The only two complaints she has is 1) the lack of trunk volume with the top is down and 2) the lack of storage space behind the seats, which her '93 Allante's had.

Happy Holidays,

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Congratulations. It sounds like you are enjoying the NM XLR.

If you have not filled out the forum survey, could you please do so? I don't know who has or has not filled it out yet, so please forgive me if you already have.

I have already participated in Forum Survey.

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