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Yesterday, I received a phone call from my dealer telling me about their newly purchased Nitro fill equipment. I was in my Escalade and went right over to try a Nitro fill in my tires. Their machine hooks up to all 4 tires at once and deflates them twice and fills them with Nitrogen both times so you end up with over 95% Nitro in your tires with equal pressure in all four. The ride is smoother, the bumps less harsh, and overall a better ride. This along with the benifits of longer tire life, smaller changes in tire pressure while parked or driving a better tire to rim seal, lack of small losses of tire volume over time, made this $39.00 investment a good one. I am going back today with my V for its Nitro fill. If this service is avalable near you I highly recommend it. Their web site is ;
Reguards, Tim
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