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Brought home a new 2006 XLR-V on January 3rd and have been reading this forum for several weeks prior. I don't quite understand why it has taken so long to get my first post in but glad I have hung in there!

Had planned on upgrading my 2005 Corvette coupe to a 2007 Corvette convertible but a great deal on a XLR was presented and I grabbed it. Had driven a regular XLR but not the V until after I bought it. Not at all disapointed with the car. I will submit a couple of pics after detailing since the dealer didn't take care of this!:boxing There are a few other minor flaws that will need attention so I may be heading back to the dealer after all; a 250 mile round trip.

So far have tinted the windows and the FM static is no worse than before the tint. From my Vette I knew to switch to AM then back to FM and the static is gone.

I have the SMARTPARK MP3 interface on order (GMCL21600) and should have it installed this week. Will report back the results. SmartPark wasn't very helpful so I am taking a chance this unit will work the way I want it to.

Still trying to figure out the best way to get the MILD TO WILD exhaust baffle hookup until Corsa comes out with the V exhaust. The $99 remote is one option but the other method of splicing the wires in the back scare me as I am electronically challenged. I am also worried about warranty issues and whether it could harm this smooth motor in any way. Good news is the Corsa rep said he will let me know when it is ready for sale; it shouldn't be long.

Hope to contribute at least as much as I get out of this forum and will check in regulary. Glad to be aboard!
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