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new price?

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drove the xlr yesterday. this still wasn,t a complete production car. my dealer said the price is going to be $85,000+. this is a g.m. change. the car rides great- plenty of power. no delivery date on my car( it keeps changing anyway). i was suprised at how high the window openings were positioned. not comfortable for resting your arm. heads up only showed speed.
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From talking with a few dealers in the Houston area, I haven't heard anything about the MSRP changing and Cadillac is already stating the MSRP on their web site and the GM purchase web site. While all information is "subject to change" it seems a little late to do that.

However, I do know of at least one dealer in this area that has not set *their* price. That dealer may go as high as $10K over MSRP. They will not set their price until the XLRs arrive. Other dealers are going with MSRP.

So, I wonder if what you heard about was a dealer-based price increase rather than an MSRP increase. Could you check with other dealers in your area?
I asked a few people who should know of any price increase as well as checked web sites and cannot find any indication of a price increase. Doesn't mean it won't happen, but there is certainly no indication except for dealers jacking-up the price by themselves.
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