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new owner

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I take delivery tomorrow on a red w/ black, or should say
Crimson Pearl w/ Ebony, in Southern California
I've been trolling this forum for several months, and it has been very useful. I hope to have some new and exciting stuff to contribute soon:thumbs
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I'm in SoCal, live and work in the Valley, but travel around. Where are you? I'd love to see your car and meet you. Crimson is the only color I haven't seen.
When did you order?

When did you order your Crimson 1_XLR? I have one on order since Oct and live in DC area. They have told me it should be March delivery.

Crimson is the only color I haven't seen either!
Live in Corona, work in Anaheim...
I'll be 'parked' on the 91 twice a day!
I placed a deposit in October also, but the car had already been
pre ordered by the dealer for another customer...the deal fell apart...etc, etc. I think I got pretty lucky since it was the color in/out that I wanted in a relatively short time..... at sticker price
Original production date was Dec. 8th, but they tell me it was produced the week of the 15th, it arrived at the dealer yesterday
1_XLR, congratulations and welcome to the club! I hope you enjoy your XLR as much as we are enjoying ours. It is a great vehicle.
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