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I was at the Corvette factory at the end of October, I took the tour and then afterwards I had a friend that works there give me a private tour of the section of the factory where they build the XLR’s. They build 132 Corvettes a day and they build 6 to 7 XLR’s they are built almost all by hand and not on an automated line like the Corvette. Everyone is test driven on the track before delivery. They do not give tours of the XLR’s being built at this time and you can barely see the area from the Corvette line. Cadillac has done a terrific job with reinventing themselves in the past few years. I own an STS, XLR & EXT all great vehicles. The one thing that I am unhappy about with the XLR is the heating and cooling of the seats other then that it’s a super COOL car!
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