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Hi All,
I have been thinking of adopting an XLR but, have not yet took the plunge. I have been looking at XLR's 4 Sale and believe I have one that I'm interested in. It is a one owner 2007 Limited Edition model. It won't be up for sale for several months until their new car arrives. It is owned by an older lady and has complete service records from the 2 different Cadillac dealers that have worked on it since new. It has approximately 97K miles, everything works as it should. Several years ago the drivers headlight quit working and the owner waited about 6 months for a replacement to be located to the tune of $3K. Cadillac dealer refused to install the replacement but, provided the name of a retired Cadillac technician that agreed to do the install. Everything on the car works as it should now. Tires are only a year old and it has always been stored inside a heated garage.

My question to the group is, "What do you believe would be a fair asking price for this XLR?" I don't want to overpay, yet I don't want to let it getaway either.
Attached are some pictures and other info.

Thank you for any information you can provide
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