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Hi guys,
Well I've now leased a 2006 Silver on black XLR and coming from a 2001 convertable vette; I can confidently say that this is the best car that I've ever had.

In the past I've always had good luck with cars. Never needing alot of warrenty work etc..
However, I've got 500 miles on my XLR and its making a godawful noise in the morning when I start her.
It sounds like the power steering.
Also there is a small leak. Could be oil or power streeing flid.
Another problem is the trans or maybe the torqe converter.
It seems like its slips or has a very high stall.

Anyone else have this problem.
I do plan to take into Cadiallac on monday.

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Sounds like you should have stayed on the glue for at least another week.

My '04 went through 4 P/S reservoirs in the first month I owned it before I got one that didn't leak. It's an outsourced part and the glue that was used in the seam was not adequate. However, I never heard of any others having the same problem and it shouldn't be still around on an '06 model.

Congratulations on the new ride!:thumbs
Service dept should take good care of you
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