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Neiman Marcus XLR's

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Today I received my 8 Neiman Editions(648-655) for my clients that ordered their XLRs through me. It was fantastic to see a complete carrier pull up & then deliver 8 Ultra Violet roadsters. Yhe film crews were there to capture the delivery process.

On September 29th. & 30th. I am flying all my Neiman Edition clients in from all arround the country for two days of luxury treatment they deserve with this purchase.
Allen Kulbersh
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I'm sure that was quite a site. Post a picture if you get a chance.

congratulations on having eight neiman marcus edition cars. giving your customers a luxury weekend is also a great idea. we are anxious to deliver the one that we received. i will have to come up with something special for whoever purchases this car. having been number three off the line is a wonderful thing we have it stored away waiting for the right person to come along. they are a beautiful car.
vin number

aren't your vin numbers 548-555?
Re: vin number

I must be loosing it! Of course they are 548 - 555. Today I had all 8 of them sprawled out accross our front lawn. What a site!
Unloading 1-8 Neiman Editions at Steve Foley Cadillac

You had asked for a few shots of our 8 Neimans, here is a pic of the carrier startiong to unload.
Allen, I don't think the picture posted properly. Could you please try again? I very much would like to see those photos.
8 Neiman Marcus Editions

Starting to unload the 8 Neiman Editions
When you make the post look down until you see Attach File. It's a little bit below the smilies. Then click on the browse button to find the picture file on your computer. Click on open when you find it.

Then post your message. The picture will be attached as a link.
8 Neimans Unloading

I will try it again to show some pics of the 8 Nimans Unloading at Steve Foley Cadillac


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Neimans Inside the Carrier

Here is a shot ofKulbersh With one of the Neimans
8 Neimans Together

Here are the 8 all together right after unoading


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I am a NM XLR owner and I am very late in asking this question but I was puzzled how your were able to mass mail to all XLR owners? I was of the impression that owner identification was secure with GM and especially each dealer's customer base. I am very interested in your thoughts.

Yes, I'd like to hear the answer to this also!
XLR Owner Mailings

The answer is very simple, the process is no different than it was10 years ago when I used to stay in contact with the nations Allante base of owners. Becoming the leading Allante Sales Executive in the nation staying in touch with all Allante owners.

Since the majority of my XLR owners are spread accross the country, I find it very important to be in contact with as many owners as possible. Quite a few owners that have visited many of my XLR sites or have expressed their feelings to me that they had wished that their dealers had kept them updated with even a small percentage of information I put on my sites.

Many owners and individuals that have ordered their Roadsters from other dealers call me on the phone and send me emails on a weekly basis. Most of the time they contact me when they cant get an answer from their dealer. I receive and answer almost 50 emails a day from prospective and other dealers owners that have signed up for my update list.

Getting to your question of how it is done, it is no difference than a mortage lender that sends you info on a refinance proposal for your home(as we all have received hundreds of them). Than there is the leasing companies that always seem to know when youre lease is due and they were not the leasing company you were with.

There are various private as well public/government agencies that make ownership information available to anyone that will spend the time to find it. Since so many of XLR owners have conveyed their very positive feelings to me about the information I give them, all I can say is if ANYONE that has received a mailing email/postal that does not want future updates all the need to do is simply send their name,address and email address to [email protected] to remove them off any future mailings.
Thank You
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Did you check your gleaned list of XLR owners against even one no junk mail lists?
The list

I think Alan is dead on. The info he provides is excellent. His websites are better than any others. This guy works hard to know the answers to questions that other dealers either can't answer or can only guess at. As far as the mailings are concerned, I can't believe anyone would take offense to recieving them, but if you do, just follow his suggestion and ask to be taken off. This is still a free capitalist country, at least for now.

I am not sure what u r getting at regarding Mr XLR. I can tell u in my 36 years of purchasing various autos that he is by far the most honest, knowledgeable and professional salesperson I have yet to encounter. I'm sure I'm also speaking for numerous satisfied customers.
Get a life!
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