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Neiman Marcus XLR for sale!

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I have (2) Neiman Marcus XLR Roadsters for sale. #30 and #31. One has 115 miles and one has 25 miles. I will take $96,500 each.

Please call if interested

Thank You

Eric Lee
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#31 is mine!

Can't wait - I'll post when it gets here on Friday.

Congratulations! Please let eveyone know how you like it and any negtives.

Hope you have years of enjoyment with the XLR.
$96.5k is a pretty good price. It should not take much longer to sell the other one, as long as you reach the target audience, which is the catch 22. You might consider finding a dealer in a big city, preferably in the southern US (convertables are a tougher sell up north in the winter) who will display the car on their showroom for a flat fee. My dealer would probably do it. It gets people into the showroom.
Just Another Example....... :cuss
Well, I'm sorry to say that I had to back out of this one and I will not be getting the NM #31 as I previously stated.

It was a last minute decision based on my business going through some turbulance right now. Looks like I will have to wait a couple of weeks to see what is going to happen.

Well, I guess deep down I really didn't want to have a purple car anyway so I guess I will wait for the black raven - which is what I really want. Gotta have the one I want or it just will not feel right, know what I mean?

I'll update if/when I get the black one.
You will love the Black Raven. It's nothing short of magnificent!
I am a consumer like anyone else. I understand inflation and trying to make money. Why sell a vehicle for more than its worth? I mean, that's like buying some socks for $10 dollars because their Hanes!:cuss
It's not about inflation, it's about supply and demand and collectability. If it has an appeal to collectors then the price will rise as demand increases. The more limited in numbers, the more people are willing to pay so that they can say that they own one.

It's a prestige thing - just like diamonds. Although diamonds are about as rare as cubic zerconia, people percieve them to be rare and thus the high price tag.

With the NM XLR, they are actually numbered and certified so you know exactly how many are in existance. And with the high demand for this car right now, I'm surprised the prices are not higher than they currently are.

Personally, if the XLR came out at $100K, I think it would still be a bargain, but that's just my opinion. And I bet you there are more than 101 people out there that have the money and would say the same thing.
Besides the better ride, if you compare the XLR to the SL500 with comparable features, the SL500 will be well over the $100,000 mark, probably close to $120,000 or more and the XLR has features the SL500 doesn't.

lady_phoenix, the XLR is a bargain. I'm surprised Cadillac didn't MSRP if for considerably more.
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