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Neiman Marcus Editions Are Shipping!!!!!!!!!

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I have just been informed that the Neiman Marcus editions of the Cadillac XLRs have started shipping to dealerships today (9/12/03). I assume this means a large number of Neiman Marcus XLRs will show up at dealerships next week.

All Neiman Marcus edition cars should be shipped by the end of September '03. No other XLRs will be shipped until all the Neiman Marcus edition cars are delivered to the dealerships.

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There seems to be many different "stories" about the shipping of the Neiman Marcus Editions. Here's what I have:

I got a call from both my Personal Assistant and the Neiman Marcus XLR program Headquarters Monday morning, September 15. I was told by both that the car has shipped. One of them (don't remember which one) said it shipped on the 11th.

Today, I talked to the dealer and he said it was loaded on the truck Sunday nite, the 14th.

Everybody agrees that it will arrive today (9/18) or tomorrow (9/19). Good thing, because out here in California, the registration fees triple on October 1.

So we are now officially on "car watch." Waiting for the call from the dealer that the truck has pulled up. Hopefully, we'll get video of it being offloaded.

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