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Neiman Marcus Edition

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From everything I can tell, and they don't really tell us much, the Neiman Marcus limited edition of the XLR is exactly the same as the production model except for the exterior color, the interior colors and the plate with it's number. As far as we can tell, there are no additional options, except maybe the satellite radio, which has, we're told, an ugly antenna and to say no to it.

One interesting thing is that about Christmas time, they sent all us 101 future owners a limited edition scale model of the car. The exterior color was correct but the interior was not. Apparently, that was too much for the manufacturer to do.

Information about delivery of these is also not clear. Originaly we were told they would arrive before the production models (as earlt as June), now we are told August or September and some production models will have been delivered.

I've not seen any discussion here about the NM model and wanted to start some as we approach delivery time. Are there any others of you out there?
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