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Need XLR wheel specs and info

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What's the bolt pattern on an XLR? 6 x ?" For those of you who've seen the OEM XLR wheel dismounted (or otherwise, 'know'), is it straight across from bead to bead, or is the OD of the wheel bewteen the beads tapered? I'd like to have a set widened for a hot rod application, but need some more info first.

Thanks for whatever info you can pass along!
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I have one that is used, but in excellant condition that I will sell for 350.00 plus shipping. more information, send me an email.
Ya thanks, but as I indicated, I'm only looking for specs and info now. Can you take a pic of it showing a view between the beads so I can determine if OE XLR rim is straight across or tapered? Meaning with the camera not looking at the front or back, but at the side of the rim, like you were taking a pic of the tire tread (if a tire were on it) showing the top edge running between the beads?
Ok IT is a 5 hole wheel. send me an email to [email protected] and I will send you some pictures of a bare XLR wheel
I have a set of 4 in mint condition -- $1000 delivered in the cont. usa
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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