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Need help on interior lights

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I own a Xenon blue XLR in Switzerland. In the middle of the roof I see two small light bulps. Any idea, how to turn them on and off? I was unable to find any reference. Thanks for your help
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Where, exactly, are you referring to? I only see the mirror lights which have switches on the bottom of either side of the windshield mirror.

--Bob :confused
Hi Bob,
I am not talking about the mirror lights. There are two lights just in the center of the top. :confused
USA vs European

There is nothing in the middle of the roof on my XLR.

I suspect this might be an EU standards requirement or something.

Maybe the lights come on when the top is operating (going up or down).

Who knows. Where is your dealer? Ask them.

Our manuals have a few things that are different for Canada, but nothing about other locations.
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That is also a tough location from a wire and light movement standpoint as the roof is moving. Any light location would be "crunched" into the next layer when the roof is folded into the trunk. The cables would also have to flex to accomodate - obviously that can be done but is another potential problem area.

Asking my dealer? You must be joking. I explain the car to my dealer. And he is explaining the car maybe to GM Switzerland. i.e. I am waiting now over a month for an answer about upgrading the navigation data. So far ............. (The manual says: ask your dealer!). OK, I will ask about these lights. Wondering how long it takes. I keep you informed.

Given the comment about the wires, maybe reflectors would serve the same function I was mentioning.

Underestand your predicament.

To upgrade the Nav system, you just need to order the new Nav Disk and replace the old one.
The one we use here is for N. America. Not sure where you get thee European version.

Allen - Have any ideas?
Could there be a difference in the cars sold here in the US. ver. the ones sold over there? Maybe they have some kind of light in theres that we don't have.

Gearup.... can you take a photo and post it here for us to see what lights you are talking about?

Blaise :)
Here is a pictures from the roof.


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I knew it, I knew it: They are getting more suff on there cars over there then we are... :cry :cry :cry
I am not sure what it is, but I think we all need one of those. :jester

Really Gearup, I am not sure what that is but I am sure Andy, or Allen will find out for you..
Blaise :flag
Not on 2004

That is definitiely not on the 2004 here in USA.

Who knows??
You got me - I haven't a clue.

I have to compare the photo against my XLR next time I go outside, but it almost looks like the inner-roof mold line is different in the center. I like the recessed lights though, although I wonder if that decreases head room?

Gearup, can you see the actual light bulbs and tell what type of bulb (LED maybe?)?

Now that we see this difference I wonder if there are any others? :smash
Cadillac Europe

Try this website:

Maybe we can find something there.

Interesting, only STS, CTS, SRX and XLR are marked in Europe.
Interior Lights


have to ask you a few questions to help with tracking down this issue.

First - I will need the last 6 numbers of your vin.

Second- Was this vehicle purchased here in the USA
if not, Where was it purchased.

Third - Was it purchased new from a Cadillac dealership.

If you can get me this information, I may be able to assist you.

Thank you
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Allen to the Rescue

Gearup - In case you aren't familiar with Allen (Mr XLR), he is a premier XLR salesman from a dealer in Illinois.

Send him a private email with your VIN, if you don't want to broadcast it.

If there is an answer, he can find it.

Looking at the Cadillac Europe website, I was unable to see any pictures that revealed much different. In addition, they don't have the "build your cadillac" option, so could review the options to see if they are different at all.

Having lived in Europe, I know that the cars sold in Europe and the USA (indepedent of where they orginated - Europe, USA, Asia) can be quite a bit different. It will be curious to see what Allen comes up with.
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Not Lights, but motion sensors

The two little round lights that Gearup is talking about are not lights, they are actually part of a required intrusion system. Where bumber protection in our country surpasses most other countries because of regulations and insurance costs.

The XLR in question has a intrusion detection system that would sense a change in the interiors cabin motion. If someone broke a window to steal some thing left inside the XLR, the breaking of the glass into the cabin and subsequent reaching inside the car would set off the alarm.

Many other countries take the safety of an individuals private items very seriously. Many luxury vehicles pay huge insurance premiums, one of the factors that goes into that calculation is not only vehicle theft protection but also personal property safety.

By adding the sensors to the XLR, it makes stealing someones belongings less desirable. Many people in other countries can't believe we have cup holders in a car and thus eliminate the concentration on driving!

thank you
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Thanks Allen,
I knew you would come thru for us again... :thumbs :thumbs :thumbs

Allen I will ask now what everyone is going to ask later or will be thinking about..

Can we add this to our cars? What other little goodies do they have on there cars over there that we don't have? :rolleyes :rolleyes :rolleyes

Thanks again for all your help Allen. Keep up the great work...
Hi Allen, Eyedoc and motorboat are absolutely right, you ALWAYS come up with the answer. Thank you. I have tried it out. Leaving the key a couple of feets away, the car really woke up, when I put my hand through the open window. Lights goes on, the horn comes up, etc. (It would not help of course, because nobody cares about the noise, and nobody even turn his head.) I would rather prefer to have the GPS detection system you have in the states. We don't.
But again, thank you very much for your reply. My search for the additional button has stopped now.
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