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Navigation System

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Do you use the Nav System to get to locations or is it simply something that looks cool to motorists next to you at stop lights? I have used it and like it - the system has directed me in odd paths but always got me to where I needed to go - this of course was with my Escalade as I havent had my XLR that long to use the system yet (its in the shop :()
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When I am running around my home town I rarely use the navigation. However, on my recent travels to northern Michigan and then to Atlanta it was great. I used it all the time to find my way around.

ON the return trip home, go north on I-75 there was a major back-up. I simply zoomed out the nav system, found a state route that ran along the highway and went around the whole mess! It is also handy for knowing when the exits are comiimg up! So, at first I though of it as a fancy toy but now I am a true believer.
Often when I turn my car on the radio is on but just the caddy symbol is on the screen - is this normal?
Booting up

I always get the caddy symbol as the Nav system software is booting up.

Also, I use the nav system regularly.

I've discovered something very cool about it recently. I call it "the ADF" function after a similar instrument in light aircraft. It happens when you have a POI (point of interest) located, but the GPS data base doesn't have the necessary roads to get you there.

When the roads disappear, you get a message confirming that fact, and you get an arrow pointer that gives you the relative bearing to the POI, plus the distance.

This works best when you have the nav set up for "Track Up".

In our case, we were cruising through the hinterlands around the backside of Lake Conroe close to Montgomery, TX. We were on solid two-lane blacktop, but all of a sudden, the roads in the data base just ended. The ADF arrow popped up and pointed to about 1 o'clock off our nose, and indicated 7 miles to Del Lago (our destination). The road twisted and turned, the ADF arrow continued to point exactly to Del Lago. When the ADF arrow pointed to 3 o'clock and indicated 1/2 mile, we turned right, and bingo! There it was.

It makes a good case for storing interesting POIs.
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Iv'e come to rely on my nav system and am lost without it!!

However, when not using the nav sys, I like to have the caddy splash screen showing rather than radio buttons, etc.

I found a trick to turn it on but feel there must be a simple way.
Anyone know how?

If I am at a destination that I want to save and the location is not on the map is there a way to save it?
Navigation Disc 4.0 now available

Nav disc available 4.0 Version
For those that were wondering the new 4.0 disc for the Nav system is now being installed in XLR's at the plant. I just received 2 vehicles today & both had the correct version.

For those that want to go to their XLR dealer the pricing should not be over $298.00 + local taxes. If anyone wants to order the new disc feel free to contact me and I can order it for you. The 20% discount for XLR merchandise would not apply to this item.

Thank you
Allen, did they issue and change summary sheet with the update release? I'm curious if they referenced what changes were made. If it is like Infiniti, the changes listed are probably so generic that you can't really tell how much it effects a local area (improved map database, increased number of points of interest, fixed bugs, etc).

Nav Disc Updates

No there is no sheet or information describing the updates and changes from one version to another. As a rule take the start of a model year and go back 3 calendar years and that is usually the data that is used on the Nav discs. It would then make sense that an area that is growing and building there would be significant updates. Where as an area that is slow in building would see little to nominal changes.

Thank You
New Nav disc is probably worth the $$$

In July while driving from Kingwood to Lake Conroe in our 2004 XLR, I noticed that I was driving on a major road (FM 242) that wasn't in the data base. While driving on the same road in my new 2005 Escalade, it was there.

New Nav discs at $298 obviously represent a revenue stream for GM, I am appreciative of the fact that Cadillac updates the data base frequently. While certainly not free, they are at least available.

Not true with Mercedes. Three years passed with only one update.

The Jeppesen database subscription for my Cessna is $500/month, and they are mandatory to retain IFR certification - but I get monthly updates.
Nav Disc Updates

I agree,the updates are worth the money, When the Seville/Deville came out with the DVD based system the updates were almost 700.00 each back in 2000. I was very surprised last week when I learned that the discs had dropped in price and it was going to be in the 300-400 range.

$298.00 for the discs are actually a very good deal.

Thank You
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