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Navigation System Question

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When I toggle from the map mode to the menu mode to change the map appearance or other option changes occasionally the touch screen system dots are not active i.e. the touch dots are not highlighted as available. I then toggle back and forth a few times and the little touch dot lights become active. Does any one else have this problem? Thanks!
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Is this while your driving???
some buttons become unavaiable when the vehicle is in motion,
and back on again when you issues.
Excellent point - yes while driving. That could be it and I know its stupid to be distracted by button pushing while driving. I just got the car last Saturday and haven't had the chance yet to watch the DVD and read the owners manual. I plan to do that today and I will see what happens when I go through the same motions while parked. Thanks!
Actually sat in the driveway this morning, played the XLR DVD and consulted the owners manual :rolleyes and the system works just fine. The XLR design in many instances will not let you become distracted by changing settings etc unless you are in park. Thanks again! I now know what I am doing (I think) :cool

I actually had to go to the liar (I mean dealer) twice to find out what 1 XLR told you! You have about 30 seconds to input a route before you are locked out unless you stop or are in park.

Why the liar can't fix or explain anything on the first try is beyond me! I guess GM pays them for each service visit, so they love for us to come back 2 or 3 times for EVERYTHING! :D
if you really want to get distracted, read the thread on DVD hack code... :lol

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