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Navigation plug pinout

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Hey guys, Newbie here and I've aquired a xlr navigation unit with 6 disc cd changer. I have a few questions. I'm going to install this into another gm vehicle and I have found the ground in the 32 pin plug and the 12 volts pin.

Is there 2 12volts pins like a constant and acc? I can get the lights to come on behind buttons but can't get anything else to lightup.


any idea where i could find a pinout of the 32 pin plug that is in the car? so i know exactly which wire does what?

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wow! 2 out of 32......... you're on a roll!

I think you're SOL without the pinout , maybe a dealer can print one out for you.

Andy (alk3997) may have some answers, but he's been MIA from the forum for a while
XLR I FL said:
When you say "aquired" what do you mean by that?? I am POSITIVE you didn't buy it over the counter. So id it come off of a wrecked car or what??

Good question!
Anybody here loose their Nav System??
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