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Nav System Self Diagnostics Access Code

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Hey all,
I have a DTS but the nav system is essentialy identical. I know you all have had the 1791 code for a while. This one allows you to play the DVD while in drive. I have another code, and I didn't think anyone would be too interested in it, but since the 1791 code is so popular I figured I'd share it. This provides access to the general diagnostic features of the nav system. You can see satellite signal info, all the nav systems inputs, do tests of the mic and speakers, check software version, etc etc. There are several calibrations that you can make, and I suggest you avoid these unless you know what you're doing. I hope I'm not opening pandora's box here: 1971 (yes, very similar to the other code. Have fun.

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Scott does this allow u to use the nav system while the car is moving?
unfortunately not. It's just access to a whole lot of diagnostic info. Not terribly useful, but interesting nonetheless. Also if you want to know your actual lattitude and longitude you can get it like this :)

What can we do to get a code for the nav sytem to operate while the car is in motion?
Really would make it a more useful system!
Watch out

I have had navigation systems on several cars, one other also locked you out while driving and the other lets you make a selection of "allow passenger to input" which then permits inputs while driving.

I would have to say I find it very dangerous to input addresses and such while driving - you really tend to concentrate on that task and miss the road.

Picking a already stored address is anothe thing, not too much different than changing radio stations.

In any case, need to watch out what you ask for.
The 1971 code didn't work for me, it just returns me to the main screen after input. Is there something else you have to do after you input the code? I had the same experience with the 1791 code, however the DVD's would play after it was input.. so that worked. Thanks!
Just learned from some SRX owners that it doesn't work on theirs either. Some of the codes seem to be the same between vehicles but some are not. The one that lets you watch movies is the same (1791) but the one for the self diagnostics seems to have been changed. I'm going to work on getting the diagnostic one for you guys. Sorry to disapoint.

Considering i always have a co-pilot (the wife) with me, it would be soooo helpful if she could input info into the nav sys, especially when we need a phone number of a restaurant. OnStar is so inefficient. I can pull over, get a phone number and call the restaurant three times over before OnStar even gets the name of the restaurant right. Let me spell it for you... M c D o n a l d s.. just kidding.
I think they should make it so the Onstar operator can "pop" the address into the nav system after they find it for you. Anyone from GM development listening?
These codes really interest me...However I am not sure how or where to enter them...Can someone give some instructions...Many thanks,

Jack Wells
Not all NAVs lock you out!

My previous NAVs in a BMW Z3 and a Cadillac STS also locked me out while driving. However, we recently bought as the wife's car a 2005 Acura RL and it allows complete control to the NAV while driving (so your passenger can look things up). It's also a much more complete information system than any GM NAV center - including traffic notification and Zagat restaurant ratings.

Maybe the GM lawyers should talk to the Honda lawyers to see what they know differently.

Sure can

Sure can. While in park, press and hold the button just above the ON button for the Radio for 3 seconds and a keypad will open on screen. You must do this everytime you start the car.

jackewells said:
These codes really interest me...However I am not sure how or where to enter them...Can someone give some instructions...Many thanks,

Jack Wells
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