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NAV system questions

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Can the NAV system operate while a music CD is playing?

Does the NAV system play MP3 CDs?
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Yes cd's will play with the nav on---no mp3 that I kow of.
I seem to remember CDs playing with the NAV in operation.
Let me try to give you a run down of the options for playing CDs and DVDs...

If you use the CD changer with the Nav DVD in its slot, you can play any of the six CDs in the changer while watching the map and using the navigation functions. The voice recognition system can also be used for simple CD commands as well as the full suite of nav voice activated functions.

If you remove the Nav DVD from its slot and insert a CD, you can use that player to play a seventh CD. If you do that you will not be able to look at maps or use the voice recognition system. That is because the Nav DVD has much of the software needed for the map and voice recognition systems.

You can also put a video DVD in the slot where the map DVD normally lives. In this case you will have DVD video and audio output when parked and have the audio from the DVD when driving. Since the player is reading a video DVD, there is no map or nav features and the voice recognition is disabled.

In all of these scenarios, the following will not work: MP3, DVD-Audio (DVD-Audio layer, but DVD-Video layer will work), SACD and DTS CD. Any Dolby Digital source will work in the top player but I have not tried a Dolby Digital CD in the changer, yet.

Hope that helps.
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What about without the changer? Does the NAV only have one slot or two?
The CD changer holds six CDs. It is a different animal than the DVD unit. The discs are loaded differently and in different places, albeit near each other in the center console. The DVD only holds one disc.
Yes, the DVD slot is located behind the LCD screen. Pressing the "tilt" button rotates the LCD and exposes the slot. It is the first car I've even owned with a tilt button.

The CD changer slot it the one you see in most of the internal photos. The changer is accessed soft keys on the CDX display. The two main softkeys are "load" and "eject".

P.S. Instead of writing "internal photos", I originally wrote "cocpit photos" but spelled correctly with the "k". Apparently our new forum software sees "cocpit" spelled correctly and assumes it is a dirty word. Luckily this isn't a forum about aircraft!
Is there a way to stop the NAV system from asking "do I agree" not to use the NAV system when driving each time the car is started and the NAV system is turned on?
If I press it once and I have the #1 remote and my wife has the # 2 remote and she agrees and presses it, is that not enought times?
Its the same thing when you copy music. If I agree not to do it and do it anyway then it my fault if something goes wrong... Right?
"I agree" is pretty standard in NAV systems. The manufacturers don't want any liability exposure.
Nav System

Quixotic said:
"I agree" is pretty standard in NAV systems. The manufacturers don't want any liability exposure.

Like Quixotic said any Mfg. will not take the liability of issues that some agressive attorney would go after them. It is the reason, a fully remote operated top, Deck closure from inside,or the ability to have a DVD playing while driving.

If an incident was to happen while anything above was being used, some attorney would go after GM's jugular.

Allen Kulbersh
Of course you are RIGHT sorry to say. In this day and age it is NERVER the fault of the person that gets hurt... It always someone else's fault... So sue everyone but yourself....
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