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NAME IN DISPLAY whe starting engine....

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Hi, to all you great guys out there!!!
when I bought my DTS in naples/fl the salesperson, a good friend of mine has put my name on Drivers 1 fob and my wifes name on drivers fob 2.
Does any one of you know how to program it on my XLR?
My dealer here does a very good service on my Cadillacs and Vette but they don`t know how to do this!

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I believe that had been discussed before Harry, the consensus was the systems are just different enough to not allow such a personalized touch. Sorry, would be nice if we could.

Here's a link to the original thread.
I didn`t know it was duscused before but I`m still wondering that the most expensive Cadillac doesn`t have it :confused
Another thing I´m missing in my XLR is the heated-steering-wheel, as the new STS has. It was here in germany for one week real cold and wished it has it.

But all in all it`s a Super-Car and I have to :lol when I go to some friends and they ask first "Harry, are you here with your XLR" I say yes than they allways go out and take a look at my XLR.

Thanks for your information mswaim

Nice warm gloves till the heat cranks up always worked for me................Harry, I think your spoiled :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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