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My New Crimson Pearl

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Just picked up Crimson Pearl (on order since Oct 03). Looks great. Too bad the Onstar and XM radio did not seem to work when we got to going over everything. Have to take it back thursday.

On that note, does anyone use the OnStar cell phone feature regularly?

I have a new Sony Ericsson with Bluetooth and have a bluetooth handsfree installed in another car - it works great (sort of like the fob in the XLR, you never have to take the phone out of your pocket).

Just wondering if OnStar phone works well.

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Congrats on you new XLR. On Star phone is ok but due to cost per minute it is not a value. I keep a min. pakage just for an emergency.
Congratualtions! Great color choice (which interior color did you choose?)! On Star phone works fine--easy to use.
Congrats on the new car

EyeDoc, happy you finally got the car.

Regarding the XM radio, if the dealer set up the system for you you need to go to XM1 or XM2 and set you're station on 1, the preview channel for a minimum of 15 minutes. if you dont have full access to the stations by then, call onstar by depressing the blue button on the mirror and when they answer ask to be connected to XM.

Congrats on the new car


Got the shale (beige) - didn't think the ebony would look good with Red. Its the same exterior and interior color of the model that Alan (Mr. XLR) sells. Looks great

Allen - I think that is the problem - OnStar is not connecting. So, if OnStar is tied to XM then they can't get either to work. I am dropping it off tomorrow to get it taken car of.
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