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I have driven my XLR for approximately two months, logging in about seven thousand miles to date. The first month the car was driven in and around the D.C. area, the second month I drove across country to AZ and back. During the 1st month I experienced noticeable amounts of blue smoke when I started the car (not every time, say every 3rd time) on one occasion the smoke was so bad I fogged an intersection. No engine lights, I checked everthing but no cause obvious. This has not occured in the last month. During my trip I added 1qt of oil (normal). The car has performed Magnificently and has exceeded my expectation. It handles and steers better than anything I have driven to date (I have a Corvette C5, Aston Martin Vanquish & several other Luxury HP vehicles so I think I can speak with some experience). I would describe the car as Corvette that rides like a Cadillac. I got 27.6 MPG on the trip, ran into snow & ice in Ohio and Indiana, watched cars & trucks skidding and sliding around me and was amazed how well this car performed. I enjoyed the new Cruise Control and the amazing Transmission response. I can't imagine why anyone would want to change the tires as I have read in past threads. Now for pet peeves---I DON'T LIKE THE WINDOW CONTROL it is too "herky-jerky" when you try to open or close it just a little. Tires are outrageously expensive (had to replace one $550. W/discount). The Head-Up display is a little too directional and very hard to read in daylight. Seat heating has HOT spots. Storage room sucks. Headlights are great for driver but, I angered many truckers and others because they are so bright, it got so bad at one point I found myself having to put a great deal of space between truckers I had passed, another time I had 3 trucks trying to run me off the road even when they saw that I didn't have my brights on. The XLR is a real head turner and I am well pleased. Wish List-----much bigger engine and boy do I wish I had an XM radio (wasn't available when my car was ordered) Do not pass up getting an XM radio!!! Out of room, see Ya Dick Shonk
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