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I have had a 2004, 2006 and now 2007 V. I can not understand why Cadillac is having trouble selling these cars. But here are my thoughts:

1. The base XLR should be $69,995 - this makes it better price point.
2. Base XLR needs to be more sporty - needs fatter tires, sportier wheels and tighter steering
3. Interior needs an overhaul. Its tasteful but I think this is the #1 reason the car is a slow seller compared with MB - Outside wins for XLR but inside loses
4. No blue tooth -Cmon your top car needs to cutting edge and blue tooth can be found on a lot of cars for a lot less money
5. The V should be $89,000 - at this price is good value
6. The V shuold offer wood wheel - most people prefer wood (at least as a no cost option)
7. MORE COLORS - NAVY!!!!! or PEWTER - who wants Purple with old man wheels?

Overall the car is great but needs a technological boost ASAP

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two more cents

Got to agree about the interior. Doesn't give the gee-whiz look of a Jag or Mercedes.
My 2005 is a great car, but the lack of interior space (storage-wise) is another problem.
I'm sure we'd all have liked a lower price point, especially on the V. I'm considering a 2008 V, maybe I'll pick it up in Bowling Green.
Got to wonder if there's a re-style in the books, or will GM do it's usual "get it right and then drop the car" trick, like the Fiero and the Allante.

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