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Wow, you must have had a bad experience to be so hostile towards car dealers.
It doesn't matter what you are selling (real estate, cars, or ANYTHING), prices are driven by supply and demand. It's real simple. If houses in my neighborhood are selling for 1.5 million, should I list my comparable house at 1 mil ??? Now that would be the act of a true moron!
And what about the people out there (private parties) that buy hot items (XLRs included) and list them on ebay for way more than they paid? Are these guys morones too?
You're probably one of those people that think car dealers have 20-40% margins at MSRP.
This is free a consumer all you can do is be an educated buyer, negotiate the best deal you can, and either buy it or walk away!
1 - 1 of 52 Posts
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