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More XLR'S on the Road

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It looks like there are more XLR's on the Road. I have seen 3 in the last 4 days. However was not driving mine. 210/57 Freeway (Los Angeles)
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I bumped into a new owner from Nevada while playing golf at Pebble Beach two weeks ago. I gave him the address to this website but I've not seen him post yet.

I know the dealer I got mine from has a new one on their lot, as does another dealer a bit further north of here. Just a matter of time.
:party Today is my anniversary 1 year ago today I took delivery. :party In the 12 months I have only seen 3 other XLR's. Visiting Myrtle Beach SC last summer I saw 2. Going home one night passing Fountain Power Boats Mfg. I saw the 3rd, it was black on black just like mine. That was like seeing myself and I thought I looked good.
There are three in my neighborhood alone. Not sure what the 05 production figures are but they are real easy to get in this area

So Robin, in the gallery you posted --are those pictures of the transaxle of your XLR that's removed and under repair? According to this forum XLRs have had a remarkable variety of problems -- very depressing.
Picture Posted

Yes, the picture were taken during the repair of and gear oil leak. Have not had any other problems, other than the Left Front Turn signal lamp burning out. Sense the fix of the leak. I have had the XLR for 8 months. The first 2 were the problem months. However I only have 5,000 miles on it. Robin
Sounds like an isolated issue and all is well. Good luck with your XLR.

I live in the DC area. I got mine last April and have only seen one in town (and that was 1 week after I got mine - have not seen it again).

I still get lots of stares and questions (especially at the gas station). Even have had people take pictures with their cell phone cams.
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