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MIRT for sale - used - make traffic lights green

This thing changes traffic lights from red to green in seconds.

More info is here:

This is the undetectable infrared unit.

I have only one unit... slightly used (missing one suction cup out of 4), in original box, with manuals. Photos below.

I've had it for a year now, but I rarely use it and its been sitting in my truck taking up room.

I suppose it could make a great gift for someone who "has it all". :)

Make sure you check your local laws on usage with this as you would with radar detectors (as several states have banned the use of radar detectors).

$350 obo plus $20 shipping (USPS Priority, insured). Paypal is best.

Email [email protected] if interested.

I'll probably wait a week or so to get the best offer and ship it out then.

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