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I knew it would eventually happen, A client was driving to my office in a Thunder Gray roadster when he decided to play chicken with a huge pothole. He lost big time, on his DIC is said LR tire flat 55 mph maximum. He was concerned since he was on the highway, people were poining to the tire as he continued to drive the 45 miles to my office.

He called me a little worried, I told him to just drive normally and not to make any erratic lane changes. When he arrived I was shocked to see a 4" plus gash in the sidewall and the wheel was not resting on the ground.

I have told every client about the benefits of the ZP (Zero Pressure) tires and how the sidewall being 4 times thicker to support the weight, thus giving you the ability to drive 55mph for 125 miles. Besides the ability to be able continue driving, it was under warranty.

For those of you that your XLR sales executive didnt show you the Michelin tire warranty booklet inside your XLR portfolio you need to get it out. The XLR's tires is covered by a road hazard warranty, if your tire becomes unserviceable during the first two years of service or before 50% of the tread is worn whichever comes first, Michelin will replace the tire FREE OF CHARGE.

Attached is a close up of the tire that saved my clients you know what!

Thank You


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